R&D like you’ve never seen before.

Industrial labeling systems

A Well Oiled Machine

Superior performance means granting faster delivery times and providing detailed and long-lasting solutions even in extreme conditions. Seriart G2 has had an edge on design since 1977. Experience and passion fuel our innovation and let us create the best designs. Our best-in-class technology allows us to manufacture tailored solutions for you and your business. Ready to race?

Best industrial label

Home Sweet Home

The Seriart G2 family is international. Our clients around the world make us proud of what we do and they are our greatest assets. That’s why customer satisfaction has always been our priority. Join our family to discover our products and become a lifetime partner. You will always receive our full support throughout the process and cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs. Welcome home!

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God is in the Details

It’s the little details that make things great, and we are good at mastering them. We only work with the highest quality materials and our designs are made from the best components. Every step in the manufacturing process is subject to high-standard quality controls to ensure that every detail comes out just as we expect it to be. Everything we do is done thoroughly, from the design to the delivery of the final product. Let’s go into detail!

Best industrial label printer

Winning Attitude

Who cares about winning? We do. It takes a lot of experts to make a winning team, as well as a firm commitment to quality and innovation. Our track record speaks for itself. We are real people providing real solutions. When it comes to customers’ needs, we all strive to develop the most outstanding products, doing whatever it takes to beat the competition. Let’s do it!